Cinema Paradiso

I try, whenever possible, to document my trips, training and various points of interest in my life as a climber. I have a very special film online NOW - a real beauty - Between The Trees. Apart from that, scroll down to see some of my recent films.

L'Étranger - Free HD download

Here is the trailer for my Font film, L'Étranger. Keep checking back to stream and download the whole film. It is now also avalible to download for free in glorious HD here. For more information also check out the blog.

The live link is now available, so if you've watched the trailer and weren't repulsed, offended, or put off, then head over to my blog. There is a bit more info on the film and the download link is there.

La Danse des Balrogs, 8A+

Classic boulder problem put up by Fred Nicole in 1992, and at the time was the first 8B bloc in the world. However, an easier sequence was found and it's now 8A+ unless you climb it the original way. A great problem on a great piece of rock. Thanks to Fred Moix for beta/knowledge and to Sara for everything.

Neverland, 8A

Neverland, 8A, Bas Cuvier, Fontainebleau. Ascended by Ned Feehally, strong man. Shot with a Canon HV20, 24p, Cine Mode. Edited in Vegas with title plate done in AE CS3. This is only test footage.

XXX, 7C, Dame Jouanne

Is this how you climb XXX at Dame Jouanne? For me, this method is probably 7C.

General Disarray, 8B

8B, Brione, Switzerland