On 15th January I set off with my beautiful wife on a 6 month climbing honeymoon adventure. The plan was to go East, and to keep on going until we arrived back in the UK… or perhaps not if we discover something great.

Below is an itinerary of the trip, so if you happen to live in one of the destinations and fancy going climbing then get in touch (dates are approximate)

  • Hampi, India – January (blog post coming soon)
  • Nepal – February
  • Japan – February
  • Australia – March
  • New Zealand – April
  • Chile – April
  • USA – June

Once we arrive in Chile we’re going to head to San Francisco overland. I know very little about the climbing in Central and South America so if you happen to be from there, or know about the climbing there then please leave a comment. I’d really appreciate some beta.

So stay tuned, blog updates will be coming. Hopefully you’re all still out there and will enjoy the ramblings to come.