I’ve just made a short clip featuring 3 problems from Switzerland, with one from Brione, Cresciano, and Chironico. It’s only a short cut that shows the main meat, but not the surrounding vegetables and side dishes. You get a sample, but not the true flavour. In time I’ll put together something a bit longer with more amazing problems, but for now you can satiate your appetite by visiting moonclimbing.

Check it out and if you’re particularly daring, leave some feedback.

An HD version will be appearing on my Vimeo page in a short while, which means this is just a sample of a sample. Think of it as a tiny sliver of meat from the leg of the bird to test whether or not it’s ready. It is. Now Dine!

Edit; Something funny is going on with moonclimbing so if you can’t get to the video just chill out and eat some mince pies.