The West Coast Trail. Six days of hiking, with a heavy rucsac, doesn’t sound like fun. But what if there was a wonderful crag at the end, perfect sandstone walls with perfect gear placements, just waiting for your hands to delicately fondle their way up? The walk would definitely be bearable in that case. But what if there was nothing at the end. What if the 6 day hike was the reward, not the suffering you had to endure for some other lofty goal? That changes everything. That was my feeling about the West Coast Trail before setting off. It was a 6 day hike with no purpose. Emily was really excited about it and I knew doing it with her would be fun (and probably testing), so I was up for doing it. It was a case of doing something I wouldn’t normally entertain.

On day 1 we saw a bear and cub, sealions, bald eagles, red squirrels, martins, sea otters, snakes, and others which I am inevitably forgetting. Pretty impressive. I could write a whole lot about the trail, about why it’s great and why it’s sometimes boring. I will probably write an overly long update in the next week or two, with more info on the trail in case you’re thinking of doing it. For now, I’ll sum it up as succinctly as possible and furnish you with a semi random collection of pics. The West Coast Trail was one of the best non climbing things I’ve done in a long time. I think that says enough.