After a 2 hour delay, I was happy to be boarding the plane. I shouldn’t have been. We taxied out and then came back to port due to some problem with the plane. Whilst the engineers worked on the plane we were told to sit tight. Easily done when the seat in front is 12 inches away and the armrests are crushing your hips. I can’t imagine what it must be like to fly if you’re on the portly side. Anyway, over an hour of sitting around eventually gave way to a shaky take off. I was hoping for smooth sailing after that. However, it turns out that Thomas Cook are crooks. When you book a flight from London Gatwick to Vancouver and it’s direct, you expect to go direct. Well, turns out some people have a different definition of direct. Needless to say my lawyer will be writing them a stern letter and I’ll be aiming to get back the cost of the flight. We sat in Edmonton for over an hour whilst the plane refueled. We weren’t allowed to get off. Why? Because we were flying direct. Sure.

The next leg was a little better, all because of the wonderful views. I’ll leave you with these uninspired pictures of a truly inspiring range of mountains… The Rockies.

Next stop is Vancouver Island for a stroll along the West Coast Trail. Updates will be in a week.