December saw a bit of snowfall in the UK and this resulted in some major trauma. I watched cars being abandoned in the middle of the M5, multiple lorries jacknifed across the M42, and many other cars stranded on verges. Having winter tyres on my car (a legal requirement in Austria – and hopefully a future common sense strategy for the UK) made travelling around fairly trivial for Emily and I, although the real danger turned out to be other cars and not the road conditions!

It seems that royal mail did not have winter tyres fitted to their vehicles. In fact, it seems that with the snowfall came a sort of temporary blindness. I don’t know enough about the postal system to be able to tell exactly why it all went so badly wrong, but I do know that it went wrong. I have had at least 20 DVD’s go missing in December which is a major pain, as the in-stock pile is pretty much at an end.

If you were one of the people to order Between the Trees, L’Etranger, or even request the SSRT film on a DVD, and you still haven’t received it then please send me an email so I can resend your order! All orders were despatched promptly, so any delay in your enjoyment is either due to Royal Mail or your local postal operator.

Thanks for your patience. Don’t sweat the petty things and don’t pet the sweaty things.