Last year, James Pearson, Gaz Parry, and I set out on what we thought would be a jolly around Europe. We’d soak up the sun, work the tan, do some amazing 8a routes, and film the whole thing. Our expectations couldn’t have been further from reality. The reality was that we had 100 days’ worth of adventure crammed into an itinerary of only 40. We expected to have fun but in the end we had an experience that was so much more than just fun, it was incredible.

Our journey took us all over Europe, from Scandinavia to Spain to Slovenia. Many destinations were known quantities but many were not. It was those unexpected discoveries that made this trip so worthwhile. Arriving in the middle of the night only to wake up and see an incredible landscape of seemingly endless rock in the morning was like a reoccurring dream! The nightmare only began when we had to leave and drive ever onward.

The film is a whole medley of different styles. It’s an eye opening tour of what Europe has on offer and I am certain there are places which you will have never seen. Further, I expect when you see just how amazing these places are you may well reconsider your annual migration south to clip bolts in Spain. Why follow the well-trodden path when you can create fresh footprints in another area full of wonderful climbing?

This film isn’t about watching some super strong dudes crushing some mega hard routes. In fact, it’s a million miles away from that. It’s a compendium of how great Europe is, what makes it so special, and I hope it shows how much fun we had whilst revealing just how close to breaking point we came. I doubt there has been a film which has featured such a wide array of climbing and I think this makes it a little bit special. It’s like ordering a sampler at your favourite restaurant. You get a little bit of everything and then next time you can go back and dine with the one you enjoyed the most. I hope you enjoy seeing what’s on offer out there and next time you have a week or two for a climbing trip you consider leaving the polish behind and seeking out a new adventure. As cheesy as The North Face motto may be (can I say that?), it’s firmly planted in truth. Never stop exploring.

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A full listing of places we went and routes that were climbed!

UK – Lulworth Cove – Adrenechrome 8a
UK – Malham Cove – Raindogs 8a
Sweden – Hylteberget – Abstrakt 8a
Belgium – Freyr – God Save the Queen 8a
Spain – Baltzola – Black Kongi 8a+
Spain – Baltzola – Illuminatis 8a
Spain – Margalef – Sativa Patatica 8a
France – Gorge du Tarn – Barbarattique 8a
France – Buoux – Reve du Papillon 8a
Switzerland – Voralpsee – Alaska Kid 8a
Germany – Pfalz – Magnetfinger 7c
Germany – Frankenjura – Slimline 8a/+
Poland – Sokoliki – Hrabia Drapula 8a
The Czech Republic – Dolni Zleb – Skruti Beh 8a
Austria – Schleirwasserfall – Have fun on top 8a
Austria – Bachhexe – Electric Avenue 8a
Slovenia – Misja Pec – Blood, Sugar, Sex, Magic 8a
Italy – Arco – Gameboy 8a
Italy – Val di Mello – Slot Machine 8a

A little trailer to whet the appetite;