“This is an extraordinary moment in climbing film, in my view, and one that deserves real recognition.” – Mountains and Water

“A brilliant tribute to one of the most beautiful and magic climbing venues in the world.” – Climber Magazine

“Believe me though,if you even have a vague interest in bouldering, how good British youths are at it or how beautiful golden light before dusk is (which seems to be the time to press record these days) then it is money WELL worth parting with.” – Climb Magazine


Between The Trees – In Spring 2009 Tyler Landman went to font with no expectations, only goals. This video is the result of his journey through the magical forest, surpassing all of his goals and reaching new levels in his climbing. Check it out. Be inspired. Go climbing.

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Between the Trees features something for everybody. It features the very hardest blocs in font, alongside the esoteric gems and the most classic problems that Fontainebleau has to offer. It captures a pivotal time for Tyler Landman, who was making his transition from world class boulderer to King of Font to semi retired. This film is an honest representation of our days in the forest. Still waters run deep, and whilst it may appear that you are watching a young man cruising around on wonderful blocs you would be wrong. You are witnessing an incredible climber at the top of his game despatching some of the hardest problems in the world with consummate ease. Never has one individual come to font and done so much. This is a fact and the bar has been set. Now sit back and enjoy the film. My greatest hope is that it motivates you to either visit the magical forest or just get up and go climbing. Climbing is the bond that ties us all together. Enjoy it.

The Purchase Options;

Firstly, there is the physical DVD option, delivered straight to your home for your viewing please. By going with this option you’ll end up with a beautifully designed digipak case containing not only the full film, but also some little extras. There were a few problems that didn’t make the film along with a lot of Tyler’s thoughts/philosophy on climbing and other unrelated activities, along with some out takes. It makes for amusing viewing in my opinion. Postage will be available worldwide… there are no outposts of the globe that unclesomebody doesn’t want to reach. [This DVD will play in both the UK and USA]

The second option is a download only option. What you lose in tactility you make up for in availability. You’ll be missing out on the feeling of seeing your postman/woman walking to your door with an envelope which you’re sure contains Between The Trees. You’ll miss out on furiously opening the envelope, ramming the DVD into your system, and sitting back to enjoy the show. If you can live with that, then there are also some advantages. For a start, the download option is available in High Definition 720p. This is a big plus as the quality will be far superior to the DVD. But as with most things in life, there’s a price. If you have a very old or slow computer, it’s likely that it won’t be able to play HD. If you’re unsure it would be wise to download this test file and see if it plays smoothly. If you’re choosing HD download option, I suggest you read the info on this page to avoid any potential issues.

And now there is a third option. Some people have emailed me asking if I will be offering a package deal on both the DVD and the download, and being such a gent I’ve decided to also make this available. If you’re the type of person who spends 15 minutes deciding between chocolate and vanilla, only to go back afterwards and get the other flavour, this is the option for you. You’ll get the DVD delivered to your home/office/board and you’ll also get to immediately download the HD version for watching on your computer/PS3/home media centre. You get the best of both worlds!

So now you know the difference, you just have to make your choice. Whatever you decide, I really hope you enjoy the film. If you have any issues, or don’t understand something, just get in touch with me and I’ll do my very best to help you out. Head over to the Products Page to make your purchase!