Sometimes the truth really is stranger than fiction, and sometimes it’s just so terribly mundane that it makes for such bland writing, to the point whereby the words seem wasted. It wouldn’t take a genius to figure out which has actually occurred in the last couple of months.

Whilst autumn was spent editing and cursing a seemingly never ending series of rendering issues, winter would be different. I would finish the film, pack my car, and head to the rocks. I would regain my form, climbing myself into great shape, and then go to Font to settle my account. Unfortunately the truth was a much more sombre affair.

Sometime around the end of November I ended up in England and whilst climbing one weekend at the climbing wall I noticed a strange pain in my hand. Nothing particularly noticeable, and it became far less noticeable when my back suddenly seized. The pain of not being to raise my left arm above my head, or being able to bend down to take off my shoes made me forget all about my strange little hand pain. When I did return to climbing after my back had loosened off, I found my hand hurting much more. What was a tiny little lump at the base of my ring finger, in the palm of my hand, was providing me with a rather incredible amount of pain. After trying to climb at Tivoli once or twice during December I realised something was seriously wrong. The lump was small but very hard, and seemed to be getting more painful. After one session my hand was so painful that for the next several days it hurt to even open it. Massaging the affected area seemed to only make it worse. Climbing was out of the question. More days and weeks were passing, and all my dreams of getting into shape were slipping away.

In January I decided to head back to England to try and see a doctor so I could get some professional advice. Unfortunately the GP said nothing more than “you need to see a hand specialist”, then referred me on. I spoke to another doctor (also a climber) who told me that she had exactly the same thing, and a bit of rest, plus lots of Ibuprofen helped her get over it. So I tried that, and 2 weeks later it’s still painful, but less so than it originally was. I tried climbing again last night, and could really feel that my hand wasn’t right. I expected to wake up with it in pain this morning, but the good news is that it’s not ultra painful, only mildly aggrieved. What was annoying was just how much of a punt I was at the wall. My fingers were weak, my body lame, and my movement terrible. It’s not too annoying, because I know that once my hand is working properly I can be back in form after a month or two of hard work. That isn’t in any doubt, but the seriousness of my hand injury is in some doubt. My appointment with the specialist is next week, so hopefully I’ll get some answers that can aid in my recovery, and not simply advice to the tune of “Don’t go climbing for a while”.

I’ve been very lucky when it’s comes to injuries in the past, as I’ve very rarely suffered from anything serious. In terms of enforced rest, the longest I’ve had to take was probably no more than 6 weeks, which always led me to believe that my body was pretty good at adapting to training. That’s why I’m so surprised at this strange hand injury. I can’t remember ever hurting it specifically, only that a dull ache from that point in my hand turned into a small hard lump which was extremely painful in the space of just 6 weeks. I know that isn’t right.

So that’s the boring truth. I have no big house. No warehouse. No world class training venue. Only a hand injury which is causing me some frustration. Turns out that the truth is only mundane in this case, sorry to disappoint you. P.M.A. Always.