I felt somewhat rough this morning, with a small ache in my fingers and definite tightness in my shoulders. It’s a good thing I always do at least a little stretching after climbing otherwise I’d probably be irrecoverably sore after days on. I spent the day once again under the Bruno block, and I would like to emphasise the word under. I couldn’t try the second part of the Never Ending Story because my finger was too sore from the finger jam, and so I thought I’d try Nothing Changes. This quite simply didn’t happen. I warmed up on Supernova, which was totally stupid as I just got a very pumped left arm. Thanks to the fact it was also a flash pump, it stayed with me for the entirety of the day. After sitting around for ages I decided to have a flash go on Cote de Sechuan. I’d never tried it as it looks a bit like you have to battle from hitting the block behind you whilst climbing it. This turned out not to be a problem due to incredible levels of body tension (or just large footholds). However, my flash go came to a sudden halt when I ripped off one of the holds rather violently. Now I was nursing a pumped left arm along with numb collection of fingers on my right hand. I sat around a bit longer then decided to have my second go which ended when I missed the jug at the end by a few inches. Epic! This wasn’t going well but I was all smiles as I found it hilarious. I don’t know if I’m just climbing like a punter because I’m in Magic Wood, or because I find the climbing difficult here, or because I’ve just had a few bad days. I really don’t know. I do know my skin isn’t absolutely killing me which is great news. I also know that things will improve and when they do I’ll be over the punterdom of these few days. After more sitting around, after declaring my account with cote de sechuan closed, I reversed the decision and decided to have a 3rd go. Normally, these failures spiral out of control and it’s easy to get sucked in with one more go. Luckily that didn’t happen, and my 3rd go was successful. So, that’s the account opened in Magic Wood, but with a fairly easy 7C it wasn’t the way I intended it to opened. Still, it’s a positive that it’s opened and i’m really hoping that it will be a catalyst for the end of punterdom and the start of beastdom!