On Friday I was supposed to be changing the price of the DVD and HD option from £17 to £19. I genuinely meant to do it, but the day unfurled a little differently than I expected, culminating in a trip to Bristol to party with some expected and some unexpected characters (and sometimes all in one). I didn’t get a chance to change the price and so I figured I would do it over the weekend. Sunday arrived sooner than expected and I was faced with the option of changing it. As you can see, I haven’t done so. I thought quite a lot about this, and spoke to one of the wisest people I know (my brother) about it to figure out why I should or shouldn’t do it.

Perhaps one thing you get here that you don’t always get everywhere else is transparency. I’ve got nothing to hide, and I’m honest in my representation of what I think, so what I write is a good indication of what I really believe. The bottom line for putting the price up was so that I could get more money. That much should surely be obvious. But I didn’t make this film in order to make money. Money is not the motivating factor behind this whole endeavour, nor behind unclesomebody in general. If money was my motivation I would put on a suit and get a job in the city. My motivation is to live a life I enjoy, and to share that joy with other people. It sound cheesy, sure, but that doesn’t make it less valid or less true. The HD download option is almost costless to me in terms of replication. I want people to see the HD download option because it’s definitely higher quality than the SD DVD version, and so putting the price up goes against this basic tenet of wanting to share it with more people. That is why the combo price will remain the same.

Those that have seen the film will know that I would have liked to have given this away for free. If there was a viable business model that allowed me to give it away and be able to live, then it’s the one I would have chosen. Unfortunately I’m either not experienced enough, famous enough, smart enough, or desirable enough to have found such a solution. Maybe one day I will be… or if you know of such a path, get in touch!

Once again, I just want to thank all the people who’ve been buying Between The Trees. When I’m writing out envelopes every day and I see someone whom I’ve never met but respect it feels good to know they will see the film. I also really appreciate the feedback that people have been sending it, and even though I haven’t responded to all of it, I have definitely digested it all! I’m the first to admit that I have a lot to learn (and I’ll admit this on my deathbed) so I do appreciate all critique and commentary that has been sent it!

Hopefully soon I’ll be back to climbing every day, because at the moment that still seems a little far away. My skin is like that of a man who’s never climbed before, only spent each day moisturising his skin and wearing gloves the rest of the time. Not an ideal state of being for rock climbing!