At least a small part of me expected to be starting this post with something like “The epic continues…” but instead I have great news to report. This morning I decided to take action and put things back under my own control, so at 8am I headed off down to London. Two hours later I was picking up 3 boxes of DVD’s from a clearly overworked office! As I looked upon the DVD for the first time I was filled with a host of emotions, but all positive. I was most definitely impressed with how it’s turned out in both visual and tactile terms. It’s really good and so I can’t do anything but thank the DVD manufacturers for that. I stopped only for long enough to load them all in the boot, then jumped back in the car and headed back up to Derby.Once home I headed to a separate wing of unclesomebody’s offices, otherwise known as my gran’s house.

I was somewhat worried about the postal cost, as I’d been working on the lower of my estimates when I priced the DVD, but then found out that the DVD+envelope may well weigh over 100g. The difference between 100g and 101g is 50% of the cost, and that was something I hadn’t accounted for. This is why I had hand written every single envelope, because I didn’t want to risk a label adding even 1 gram to the overall weight! It was a good thing I did take all precautions, because when I put the envelope on the scales they maxed out at 100g. I couldn’t believe how lucky I’d been!

Now, I really want to thank the wonderful ladies at my local post office. I walked in there and told them I had about 250 DVD’s to send, and they didn’t even bat an eyelid. She gave me a whole sheet of airmail stickers, customs labels, and even lent me her “small packages” stamp. I headed back to HQ and packaged all the DVD’s, then back down to the post office where the 3 members of staff formed a production line with my DVD’s, each of them sticking on a different stamp! Local post office services in the UK are truly amazing, and even though the royal mail as a single breathing organism has major problems, the staff in these local offices really provide a wonderful service! One of them even bought a DVD!

So, everyone in the UK should be getting their DVD in the morning as they were all posted first class. Those in Europe can expect anything from 2 days to never arriving, depending on how lucky you are! Everybody who placed an order before 8am this morning has had their DVD despatched, and those who ordered today will have there’s sent tomorrow. From now on, all DVD’s will be sent the day after the order is placed. Also, the price of the DVD and HD download option will be going up to £19 as of tomorrow. I’m leaving it for 1 more day so people that perhaps put off ordering due to the pre—order can take advantage of the introductory offer.

I just want to thank everyone who has placed an order for showing plenty of patience, and I really hope you feel as though the wait was worth it and are pleasantly surprised when you tear open the envelope! Enjoy my friends!