Today I expected to be sending out DVD’s. I really did. This is because I trusted that there wouldn’t be any more delays, because I’m a trusting kind of guy. Unfortunately I was wrong. The epics I’ve had with the DVD manufacturer have only continued. I’m not going to write how bad they are on here, but if anyone who reads this ever wants an (anti)recommendation, send me an email so I can help you avoid getting into this situation!

The printers have had issues with the machinery, so the digipaks have been delayed further. Yes, it’s ridiculous, I know, but it’s out of my control (which is someone I hate at the best of times). I’ve told them that I will drive down to collect them the second they are ready as everything else is ready to go and if I can save a day by driving there instead of waiting for a courier then I’ll do that. The bulk load of padded envelopes I’ve ordered have arrived, and the addresses are all completed, so I literally only need to put in the DVD’s and put them in the post.

I can’t apologise enough, and even though the delay isn’t even my fault, I feel personally responsible, so I’m genuinely sorry. I’m being told that they will be ready to go on Wednesday, so depending on the time of day they are ready I will post them Wednesday or Thursday morning. I’ve been assured that there will be no more delays, so you can expect a DVD in your post on Thursday or Friday. They’ll all be getting posted out first class to those in the UK, and airmail for those outside of the UK.

On top of these issues, my website has been down most of today for a reason I can’t trace (but which has suddenly resolved itself!). Plus, on the way to England someone reversed into me whilst I was stopped at the swiss border control and then I had two near misses at the airport when I had to sneak through the barriers because I didn’t have a train ticket, narrowly avoiding about 10 policeman, and then almost not being allowed on the plane because I was supposedly late (even though I had 40 mins before the plane left!) and my bag was grossly overweight! It was quite a funny little journey!