If there’s anything I’ve learned in the past couple of weeks is that it’s impossible to get other people (read; DVD manufacturers) to work as hard for you as you do for yourself! It’s been a little bit epic to be honest, but after over a hundred emails (yes, seriously) they finally understood what I wanted and how to make it a reality. I really thought this would all be wrapped up already, but alas, each day presented a new challenge.

So technically, it’s only kind of on. The DVD manufacturer isn’t the most expeditious company I’ve ever dealt with, but I’m probably just overpsyched because this something I want and I want it now! They’ve now told me that the DVD’s will be ready by Friday 13th. It’s much longer than anticipated, but there is nothing I can do as it’s out of my hands. Maybe I should have just burned them all on my PC and hand drawn individual covers made from old weetabix boxes? It would have been faster, that’s for sure.The DVD will be sent out to you lovely people on either Friday 13th or Monday the 16th. I can’t make any guarantees, but you should understand that I will do everything in my power to try and get them out to you the second they are delivered to HQ. The roadblock is nothing to do with unclesomebody, because here at HQ I know nothing of EU work regulations and the only maximum in place for number of hours worked in a week is the number of hours in the week.

It seems that a number of people have been contacting me to ask about how they can get a DVD copy AND an HD download. This wasn’t something I’d thought about to be perfectly honest, but if someone wants it then I’ll make it a reality. There is now a third option on the products page, which means you can buy a DVD and get the HD download for 60% less than you would normally pay (if purchased individually). This way you get the best of both worlds (just like Jay-Z and R-Kelly).

However, since the DVD is currently a pre-order, I’ve decided to come up with a further special offer which I’m hoping will kill many birds with only one carefully aimed stone. During this pre-order period, you can buy both the DVD and the HD download for £17. Once the DVD is available, this option will go up to £19. So there are currently three options, a DVD, a download, and both. Consider your choices carefully as there are pro’s and con’s.

As I’ve written before, the DVD is best thought of as a limited edition. Due to music rights I was limited to how many I could produce so once this batch is sold out, they’ll be gone forever! The HD download will remain online for as long as the internet cares to exist as it falls under a different category, so you’ll always be able to watch Between The Trees, but you’ll not be able to hold it in your hands and drift off into a blurred vignette of wonderful sandstone boulders getting crushed in your vice like grip…

Sorry for all the waffle, head to the Products page to get your slice of the action!