Mesdames, Messieurs, bonjour!  I’ve now uploaded the film so it’s available to download. One thing to be aware of is that only the HD version is live right now. This version should satisfy nearly everyone as most people who read this blog should have a fast internet connection.  An SD version should be available within the forthcoming days so if you really can’t watch the HD version then please exert a little more patience.

Making this film has been a great learning curve in many areas. I’ve learned retrospectively about composing shots whilst climbing, I’ve learned a lot of editing and have certainly increased my knowledge about the power of video editing. I guess I’ve seen only the first 10% of the power available and am certainly keen to learn some more when I have the time. I don’t know what the next project will be, but I’m certain that there will be one this year.

I hope you enjoy the film, enjoy the forest, and feel at least a little inspired to go and enjoy the magic of Fontainebleau.

Runtime; 55 minutes. File Size; 1.9Gb

download link


Final tech note; The film is encoded with x264 so if you find that you can’t play it you will need to download the x264 codec or watch it with a program like VLC. However, it is likely that you will already have an h.264/x.264 codec installed!

Please read the post below this before downloading (if you haven’t already!). Enjoy.