Basically, I thought you’d have watched this film weeks ago. The final hurdles have been many, high, and seemingly never ending. I sent a copy of what I thought was the final HD film to Sara and she reported back that there was a 1 second glitch (a rendering artifact) at one point during the video. 67 minutes of footage, a 1 second glitch. I can’t leave it in, so back to the editor, back to the rendering process, the muxing process, the faffing about, and I’ve now got another final HD version. Hopefully this one will be fine.

I could work on this film for months more, on things that no one would ever notice. Are they important? That depends. I think that a film shouldn’t force you notice what’s going on, you should just enjoy it. You need not notice how much work went into a particular shot, because you should be absorbed by what’s going on. I think that’s a nice goal to strive for. Saying that, I won’t be working on this film any longer. It’s done (if Sara reports back with positive news).

The DVD version went to the printers last week. The artwork was a hotly contested race, and there were some great entries. My friend Mike didn’t even ask for a brief. The mere mention of a DVD cover sent him off into a frenzied state and he took it upon himself to name the film and design the cover in one fell swoop. Only when he came back to earth did he realise I’d already named it… This was his effort though, churned out in probably less (apparent!) time than Usain Bolt running the 100m.


Thanks for the effort Mike! The next version of the cover came from a designer friend of mine in England, Sam Beeson. He was given a ridiculous deadline and a remarkable lack of information but still managed to come up with a concept I really liked. I apologise for being so useless Sam. His proposals looked like this;

Picture 8Picture 7

A late entrant to the game came from none other than Thomas Mills. In between creating wonderful spaces to exist in and broadcasting the purest techno this side of Berlin, he conjured this up;

mills cover

James decided that knowing nothing about photoshop or design shouldn’t be a hindrance, so he set about his climb along the learning curve of cs4. What he eventually came up with was a big surprise to me, because he’d gone from zero knowledge to actually producing something decent! As a bi-product of undertaking this task, he know has a rather good working knowledge of photoshop! The advent of the internet and the power of community has made it possible for nearly anyone to do nearly anything… if you have sufficient motivation!

DVD cover full V1.0

But the final choice, and gold star award, goes to Sander Pick. I can’t really explain how much effort Sander put in. He put up with my constant nagging emails, my ridiculous deadlines, and produced something which I think is amazing. In an ideal world, I would only work with people like Sander, and not the useless cretins that have plagued other aspects of this project. He is a perfectionist, which means that quality comes before deadlines, but in my opinion the world would be a better place if there were a few more perfectionists… although it might take longer to get there, it would certainly be worth it! I can’t recommend him enough if you need some design work, website work, or generally something very good looking. So the final DVD artwork is thus;

front cover sander

I’m really happy about it. It’s simple, it’s to the point, and it’s great. Tolstoy once wrote “There is no greatness where simplicity, goodness, and truth are absent”. In that vein, I think Sander created something great. Thanks man, I’m in your debt.

So, the DVD is being pressed, the artwork is being printed, and I’m awaiting news of a delivery date. Once I have an idea of when a box of DVD’s will arrive at my door then the pre-order will be open. I should hopefully know that information tomorrow, but I’m not having a huge amount of joy with the dvd manufacturer to be honest. I’ll keep you updated though, as everything else is ready to go. Behind the scenes it’s all going on, even though the surface appears still, a geyser is set to erupt any moment…