L’Etranger was the greatest free bouldering film from fontainebleau of 2008, namely because it was the only one! If you haven’t seen it then head on over and check it out. It will only cost you some time as it’s available for nothing. Enjoy.It’s finally finished. My random assortment of footage has been put together in a true “will it blend” fashion and the answer is a resounding yes. The New Yorker reviewed an early copy and said this of L’Etranger; “without doubt, the greatest film about bouldering in Fontainebleau to come out in 2008 and also be completely free”. With reviews like that you should be in no doubt that you’re not going to be disappointed.

In order to watch the trailer you need to go to; http://www.vimeo.com/1341149

This film is basically a view on how I spent my days in font. It’s not all encompassing, nor is it a true look into the psyche behind a goal orientated individual. If you want that, then please check out my blog and read through some of the older posts. That was the place I tended to vocalise all my thoughts whilst I was in font. In many ways this film is almost like a companion to my blog and it serves as a visual reference for my days spent in the forest. My film crew consisted of only myself, and my tripod did a faithful job of keeping the camera still. I’ve learned a lot by making this film and the major thing I have realised is that you can’t make a great film if you are filming, directing, and (most importantly) concentrating on climbing. It’s simply not possible to do all these things well if you are trying to do them simultaneously. I did have the occasional helping hand from Sara when she came down, which sometimes made things easier and sometimes led to my frustration, which was really stupid and immature of me. I am indebted to your help Sara. What I have made is a faithful representation of my trip and I hope that it allows you to see some things you haven’t seen before. Fontainebleau is a truly amazing place and so far my favourite bouldering area in the world. I hope that this film motivates you in some way to go there and enjoy the incredible boulders and the great vibe of the forest. I also hope that there is at least one boulder problem in this film that you either haven’t seen before, or haven’t seen climbed before. If there is someone who has seen them all climbed by someone before then you should get a prize, so contact me for it!

The governing principle of freeconomics is that you make money by giving things away for free. Take a look around my site and you won’t see any ads, which should lead you to the conclusion that my freeconomics application isn’t very thorough! The reason is that I’m not really trying to make any money out of all this!
However, I can’t afford to lose any money on this film, which is why downloading your copy from my website is free and having a DVD sent to you is not free. If you would like a copy of the DVD sending out to you, simply send an email to me at film@unclesomebody.com with details of which version you want, your address, and how you are going to pay (cheque, paypal, cash in an envelope).
If you select paypal then I’ll send you an invoice. So what will it cost you? Well, it will only cost you what it costs me to produce, which I’ve set at £1 per DVD. This is to cover the cost of posting, packaging, and hard goods. I am almost sure this will cover it, but if not, expect a significant hike in the price, to something like £1.50! All the versions are available for download, so if you have a half decent internet connection I urge you to take that approach and burn it to a DVD yourself. I’m offering the postal service (out of the goodness of my heart) for people without fast internet or who can’t fathom out how to use a DVD burner.
Now the interesting bit. So far so good, I hope. Since I’m trying to stick to this principle of freeconomics I’m opening up the option for you to make a donation to me after you’ve received/watched the video. Basically, if you think it was worthless you can send me an abusive email detailing exactly why you thought so (which will help me for next time!). If you think it was worth some monetary amount then you are free to send me whatever amount you like via paypal, cheque, cash, or even via another medium like a free lunch, sweets, fresh sushi, etc. It’s all up to you, and I’ll certainly harbour no ill feelings against you if you simply decide to do nothing (this is the expected reference level).

I would have made this film with or without an audience to present it to, and it is only because I think there might be some interest that I am releasing it to the world. I hope I’m not wrong!

This film wouldn’t have been possible without certain people who helped make my trip to Fontainebleau a reality. I owe Neil, Christine, and Thomas big time for allowing me to stay at their amazing home, Maisonbleau. If you are going to font, then have a look at their website for accommodation. Also, I want to thank my mum, who puts up with all my climbing quirks, says nothing when she returns from holiday to find a board in her garage, and always supports me even though she thinks I should get a job and develop a career. A million thanks to Sara for so much that words can’t convey. You’ve got the best of me. The other people I should thank are those that inspired me even though I haven’t even met some of them! Kevin Lopata, Antoine Vandeputte, Dave Graham, Richard Simpson, Jerry Moffatt, Ben Moon, Danny and Sam Cattell, and of course Mr Camus.

If you want a few technical details about the flick (some people are that way inclined) then here is the run down. I shot it all with a Canon HV20 using it’s 24p feature. This is a great HDV camera and if you’re watching the HD version I’m sure you’ll see just how great the quality is. I’ve edited it using a combination of Sony Vegas Pro and Adobe After Effects.

Problem List;
Aerodynamite 7B+
Carnage 7B+
La Berezina 7C
Berezina Carnage 7C+
La Balance sans 7C+
Bicep Mou 7B
Noir Desire 7C
Chatterton 7B/8A
Misericorde 7C+
Voyage au centre de la terre 7B
Gargantoit 7A+
Megalight 7B
XXX Direct/Usbek 7C
Les Nombriliste 7A+
Coup de Patte 7C
Neverland 8A
Ouzo 8A
La Coccinelle 8A
Fata Morgana 8A
La Danse des Balrogs 8A+ (Actually at Branson, Switzerland)
Partage 8A+
Gourmandise 8B

So which Version do you need?
Well, if you have high definition capable gear then download the 720p version. If you are planning on watching this film on a computer, then also download this version. If you want to watch it on a normal, non HD, TV set via a normal DVD player, then you should either download the SD version, or email me (film@unclesomebody.com) to have a copy sent to you.

If you are thinking “I can’t download such a large file, my internet connection is pathetic” then email me for a hard copy. However, most people in most countries should be able to download the HD version in a few hours. Strangely enough, the HD version is a smaller file size then the SD version due to the quirks of encoding to DVD compliant standards.

I really can’t stress enough how much better the HD version is than the regular SD version. If you watch the SD version and think the film wasn’t very good I can only blame the SD version. If you watch the HD version and you think it wasn’t very good then you must have accidentally downloaded the SD version. If you have now double checked and you definitely downloaded the HD version, and you still think the film was no good, then I’m really, genuinely sorry for wasting your time. You lose sucka!

Final note. This film is totally free to distribute, but I would ask that you refer people to my website www.unclesomebody.com . You are free to download a copy and distribute it to your friends, family, and home boys/girls. So, sit back, relax, and enjoy. Actually, sit up straight, shoulders back, and now enjoy!

The download link for the full film will be live in a few days, I just need to upload it to my site. Patience… UPDATE; GO HERE!

Disclaimer, The New Yorker didn’t really review my film, but it doesn’t change the validity of the statement that they didn’t issue.