In the past few weeks I’ve found myself ridden with some nasty virus that’s kept me far from the board and even further from the rocks. It’s been annoying because one hopes that if you are too ill to climb you can do other things that are pressing, such as editing video. But no, my head has been crushing my brain with such ferocity that I’ve not persevered even with video editing and as far as the Statistics goes, I’ve done even less. However, thankfully no illness lasts forever, as you either get over it or you die. This post should indicate which of those two options I’m undertaking. I’m yet to start climbing again, but hopefully I’ll get a session on the board in the next few days.
I’ve set up a new website at which some of you may have found. It’s basically a work in progress, as all websites like to claim. But this really is. It’s version 0.01a and when I have the time and vision it will roll forward to version 0.01b. I guess I just wanted a place to showcase my videos, photos, and this blog.

The main thing on my plate is currently my font film. It’s become a monster of sorts as I’ve watched it spiral out of control. It needn’t be so overly complex, but I guess my penchant for ever better results has led me to keep trying to make it better via a million different methods. I watch it back asking myself questions like “is the colour not warm enough in this shot?”, “are those skin tones natural enough?”, or “are the greens of the trees balanced with the blues of the sky?”. All these things are not going to be noticed by anyone who watches is, but I’ve got my own standards that I stick to regardless of anything else. The result is that when I do finish it and release it, it will be as good as I could have made it given the resources and the time. The music is a big part of it, and I’ve been listening to an obscene amount of music trying to find the perfect tracks. Not only does the music need to fit with the content without forcing it in any direction, it must also fit with the other music throughout the film. As some of you are aware, my two great loves in music are folk and techno, which don’t naturally lend themselves to great climbing music. It’s certainly going to be eclectic, which is no bad thing, and I’m sure the end product will feature at least one track you’ll like!

I’ve also come up with a name for it, which was a large stumbling block, that I then fell into and it at once felt natural and absolutely perfect for the film. You’ll find out soon enough what it is. I’m going to aim for a release date around mid July, to give me time to finish off the editing, sort out the music, and try to make it as exciting as possible. It’s a shame I didn’t have more vision for the film whilst I was there as it’s something I could have done a lot better. On the other hand, it’s an honest portrayal of one man and his video camera.

So, keep your eyes wide open, your ears pressed firmly to the tracks, and your mouths salivating.