The past 72 hours have been notably absent of sleep, overly plentiful in cups of tea, and intensely monotone in activity. I really hope my mum doesn’t read this because I’ll be getting a phone call saying “you shouldn’t be doing this to yourself” to which I’ll inevitably reply “yeah, I know, but I have to push through”. The point is that when the end is so near you just don’t want to stop, because any stop is only a break. That’s why I didn’t sleep lastnight, and the night before I went to sleep at 9am for 3 hours. I’ve been plagued by small tiny errors in the render, which I had 2 minds to leave, but in the end I decided to go back and fix them. It’s intensely frustrating when you wait for 3 or 4 hours for something to render and then realise there is a black frame for 1/24th of a second which most definitely shouldn’t be there. But that’s the finalisation process, and the more I do it the better I become which is good I suppose.Also frustrating is realising that something odd has happened with the audio and everything seems to be between 5 and 10ms out of sync! No problem can’t be overcome however… and having 24 hours in a day sure has helped.

The up side of this hiatus from sleep have been the fact that I have completely finished the edit, made lots of small changes, created the DVD menu, completed the DVD extras, sorted out plans with the DVD replicator, given time to Sander to come through with the final artwork (the man’s a legend!), and also sorted out my own webshop. The webshop was an interesting undertaking because I went from knowing nothing, to have a nice little setup. It’s nothing fancy, but it has fully automated the (encrypted!) download process of the film which is great news. All the pieces of the puzzle are moving together in slow motion, like an implosion of jigsaw pieces, and I can see the overall picture very clearly. I’ve got the desktop and the laptop both rendering as I type, begging them to just please keep going to the finish line.

The pre order page will go live this week, so if you want the DVD I suggest you make use of that facility. Due to limitations in the music licensing I can only make a certain number of DVD’s and when they’re gone they will be gone forever. You’ll still be able to get the download version, but that won’t have the extras of the DVD. The other thing that came as a small surprise was the cost of postage. I had estimated it to be about 25% too low, which is annoying as it’s a cost I’m trying to absorb. Postage within the UK seems expensive compared to sending it to Tuvalu, so our dear island dweller readers will sleep easy knowing they are getting great value for money!

I also want to say a big thankyou to Fibonacci FM. This is a recently started internet radio station, broadcasting from a parents home, its got it’s roots in John Peel and it’s tentacles stretched all over the globe. The beautiful (and pounding) music has kept me going all night and without it I fear I might have crumbled. You know who you are Fibonacci. I’m in your debt.

I think I’ll post up some details from the editing process in the next few days, just to share the process with those who care… I’ll also update you with more details after I’ve spoken to the DVD manufacturers. If there’s one thing that I can’t help but think right now, it’s that nothing is most definitely something worth doing, and in a few days I’ll be doing it for a day or two, before getting back to what I love most… rock climbing!

//apologies for what seems like an eternal wait. It’s more painful for me, trust me.