The last week has been pretty intense. I’ve spent a ridic amount of time sat in this very chair, staring at this very screen, cutting, chopping, and splicing away. I’ve really found my groove though. It’s like someone has turned my focus ring and now I can see everything clearly.  I’m filled with drive, motivation, and an unrelenting pursuit of the finish line. Perhaps this is the 23 mile mark in a Marathon. I don’t know since I’ve never run one, but I imagine that when you’ve only got 3 miles ahead of you and 23 miles behind  you things must look pretty rosy.

I’ve not been climbing much, nay, at all but I don’t actually mind. My vision is so firmly fixed on the film that I’ve been swallowed up. I’m working about 16 hours a day on it at the moment and it feels great actually. I’m waking up fatigued and I’m looking forward to starting work. Is this what it’s like to love what you do? Or have I simply gone mad and just continue with the intention of knowing the sooner it’s finished the sooner I’m free? I don’t know to be honest, but I’m feeling good for it. Whatever works… A few times a day I move to keep the blood circulating, or sometimes to dine on fine cuisine;

This is most certainly a sign of madness, but I compared the labels on two tins of baked beans, one from Sainsbury’s, and one from Tesco. The difference was ridiculous. The Tesco product had double the amount of calories per gram, which I find astounding. It also had approx 40% more salt. The bottom line is that I’m saying one should purchase their baked beans from Sainsbury’s, given the choice. Unless you’re going to the north pole or some other cold environment, in which case pound for pound (or euro for gram if that’s your thing) your choice should be the Tesco variety!

The name was decided last week. Between The Trees. What’s in a name? Well, I don’t know what to say about this one. There were many contenders, some which has much deeper philosophical meanings and all sorts of tenuous links, but this one was chosen for it’s simplicity. It’s a perfect description of where we spent all our time. Fontainebleau is one big forest, and between the trees are where the boulders lay. These boulders are where we spent our lives. The trees saw the big ascents, the frustration, the small moments of perfection as we glanced towards the glowing sunset. We were truly Between The Trees.

In other news, I’ve been the victim of a hate crime. Now I can be part of such conversations and empathise with other hate crime victims. Come, brothers and sisters, we are united by our love for those who hate us. Innsbruck, I declared a few months ago, is the safest place of it’s size that I’ve ever seen. Crime seems ridiculously low. Mobile phones and sat nav’s are left without a care on dashboards. Cars are left unlocked. Children go from A to B without a chaperone in sight. It’s kind of how I think things should be. This ideal was shattered quite literally earlier on. James went out to my car to get his bag and when he arrived back he declared that one of my windows had been smashed. Knowing James as well as I do, I know he wouldn’t joke about something like this, but the thought of such a thing occuring in IBK was so ridiculous that I did think he was joking. He wasn’t. I went out to take a look and sure enough, someone had seemingly punched a whole in my window. The car was full of stuff, of which everything remained. The sat nav was there, the stereo was there, the cash was there, it was all there. The doors hadn’t even been opened. Someone had simply smashed my window. I’ve not been here long enough to have made enemies (or so I think) so I can only assume this is some poor lost soul who decided to take his (or her I suppose) wrath out on an unsuspecting British car. I don’t suppose this is related to the gang symbol which appeared on my window sill a few weeks ago…

If I was a worrier, I still don’t think I would begin to worry. Seeing as I’m pretty much diametrically opposite to a worrier (ie. a warrior), it will take a lot more than a broken window and a pikey tag to make me think twice about leaving a bike unlocked whilst I go shopping.

Oh yeah, before I forget the entire reason I started writing this post, here is the third teaser. There is a method in the madness. I promise. One thing that’s slightly frustrating is that I can’t convey how good the overall film is (in my humble opinion) in these short teasers. I’ve reached the point whereby I am now permanently smiling when watching the footage, which must be a good sign mustn’t it? I’m equal parts excited, apprehensive, psyched, and smelly about getting the film finished and putting it out there. I know for certain there will be 3 people who will enjoy this film; Tyler, Me, and my mum. Enjoy.

Click through to Vimeo to watch it in HD, or forever hold your peace.