This week’s teaser is altogether lighter. In fact, it’s like an angel delight crossed with a balloon filled with helium. Keep your eyes unlike your potatoes.

Back in the day when the internet was basically useless and it took 3 days to download an mp3, I used to buy music from record labels directly via mail order. The quality was somewhat sinusoidal, but the joy of receiving a new record was always the same. The anticipation, the tactility, and sometimes the surprises. Back in those days of mail order it was entirely possible to slip in a little something extra, something which was expected but hugely appreciated. I remember receiving a CD which came with a recipe for a vegetarian lasagne bake and it struck me at the time as a great thing to do. In the digital era it’s much harder for the layman such as myself to surprise anyone, so back in the real world I’m hoping to provide a little zing in one way or another.

Enjoy the second teaser, and I’ll go back to editing. It’s so much fun sitting here for 14 hours a day, forgetting to eat, and getting so engrossed in the most ridiculous choices.