Today I left the house for the first time in 3 days. Yes that is unhealthy, sad, and probably a good indicator that I am antisocial. However, it made me appreciate just how good it feels to sit in the warmth of the sun… so I got my fill of vit D and returned home laden with milk.

I’ve been editing somewhat furiously. James told me something a while ago and I thought it true at the time, but now I’m realising it fully. Once upon a time either Rich Heap or Ben Pritchard (two real film makers!) told James that “a film is never finished, it’s only abandoned”. I don’t know if it’s an original quote or a stolen one, but the truth behind it is quite simple undisputable [a quick google has revealed that is was indeed George Lucas who uttered these words]. Anyway, I’m running into such circumstances as now I just want it all to be finished. I don’t want to sit here 14 hours a day. I want to go climbing. I want to have my plate empty again so I can fill it with something new. I can feel the end of this chapter coming and the prospect of a new one opening, which is actually a very good feeling.

The one thing I still don’t have is a name. This is quite a big worry. I’ve gone through many pages searching for THE ONE, but it’s never jumped out to me. There have been good suggestions, funny ones, and smart ones, but nothing which just fit. What’s in a name? Well, I probably attribute far more importance to it that is necessary, but that’s who I am. Last year the title had so many meanings and connotations, which I don’t expect or require the audience to appreciate. It’s more a way of satisfying myself! The search continues, and I hope that the one jumps to me or arrives in a parcel of inspiration within the next few days.

Last week I saw a copy of National Geographic and on it was a spectacular photo of a sequoiadendron giganteum. It was an amazing picture, but as usual with amazing photo’s I’d not looked hard enough to understand just how amazing it was. Behind all great pieces of art are roots. The facade pulls you in but it’s the roots that hold on. This is the photo;

These trees are truly amazing and I’ve been lucky enough to see them in real life. Big things are always inspiring to me for what I’m sure are standard human reasons. The story behind the picture is pretty interesting too, so head here to check it out and to see a video of the set up.

Now I’ve got to sleep. I’ve had to impose a self served curfew as I’ve been staying up to 4am most nights editing and I’m beginning to feel rather worse for wear.