Whilst I may only report on the days at which I’m out on the rocks doing what I enjoy, there is another side which is simmering away underneath. As you may know, I filmed a whole load of Ty’s ascents when we were in Fontainebleau earlier this year. His ticklist speaks volumes and what I have on film is essentially a very special collection of the best problems throughout font, which I’m attempting to make into a veritable feast for the eyes and ears.

My single goal for the trip was to do Gecko Assis, 8B+ (is the name as important as the number or vice versa or neither?), but I didn’t quite manage it and so the footage I now have could be described as “The Punt and the Pro”. Tyler ran amok in the forest, despatching the hardest and the best, whilst I scurried around trying to keep up and only managing to climb the modestly hard yet still excellent boulders. The sum total is what I believe should be the creme de la creme of both amazing and hard problems in font. Clearly any climbing film will be limited to what it can contain as there isn’t yet a market for 3 hour Red Cliff style epic films, so what I hope to show is that there is amazing climbing for everyone*. I’d like to be able to guarantee that if you went to any problem in this film you wouldn’t be disappointed by the quality of the problem you faced… I can also guarantee that there will be footage of problems which you will never have seen climbed before (and not because they are first ascents)!

Every day that I’m not climbing I’m currently editing. It’s a laborious task, but contains many moments of out loud laughter as I relive some of the memories alongside moments of pure dismay as I remember the things which I saw but could barely believe. There isn’t a release date set just yet because I still have a lot of work to do, but you can rest assured that it’s coming and that it will be good.

One thing it won’t be is free, as unfortunately I can’t make that work this time around. Last years donation based system was frightfully unsuccessful if measured in monetary terms, but that wasn’t my primary criteria. I just wanted people to watch L’Etranger and get psyched for rock climbing, either in the forest or elsewhere. If people enjoyed the film then that was way more important to me than trying to rake in as much money as possible. So why can’t I do the same this year? Well, the criteria haven’t really changed, but my circumstances have. I still want to get people motivated for climbing and ultimately bring them a slice of enjoyment, but I also have rent to pay and bills to cover.

Climbing DVD’s are in my opinion artificially over priced and distributed via an arcane network which doesn’t seem to be evolving alongside rapidly changing economic principles. In this light, you can be sure that what I will be charging will be significantly less than anything else available and more details will be available when the film nears completion.

I just wanted to let you know that even though the surface may remain still, 10,000m down there are all sorts of things taking place.