47 is prime and the smallest number n for which 666n has a digit sum of 666.

Today I made a number of mistakes. I am frustrated with myself that I didn’t see them coming, but I am happy that I’m not foolish enough to not learn from them. I’ll share my mistakes in the hope that by doing so I won’t make them again, and also in the hope that you won’t ever make them!

It’s been 2 days since I climbed last, and today was scheduled in for another rest day. 3 days in a row is a long time to rest, especially when you are psyched to be out at the rocks trying your projects. It’s always easier to rest when it’s raining because there is absolutely no way you can climb, so there is no deep turmoil about whether you are rested enough to hit the rocks. The forecast for today was for rain, which is why I was still planning on resting. However, I woke up and the sky was grey but it was dry. Immediately I checked the weather and it seemed that tomorrow was a write off, along with this afternoon. So, if I wanted to go climbing it had to be now. I just couldn’t resist. I gave in to temptation, packed the car, warmed up a little and drove to Rempart. This was my first mistake. My skin was not recovered enough. Gourmandise is a very aggressive problem, both in skin and in overall body punishment. My body was about 80% recovered, but the skin on my right hand was still thin, especially on the crucial pinky finger. I thought that it might be just thick enough to allow me some good tries, which was another mistake I then proceeded to make. I warmed up at home on the fingerboard so I didn’t waste skin at the rocks, and when I got there it was just a matter of cleaning all the holds, trying the end moves to re-warm up, then going for it. First go, I crushed it, and it was in the bag when my left foot slipped and I was on the pad. I was happy, because I knew it was on, and concerned since my right hand fingertips were already hurting, but I knew how close I was. However, this was close to the 8A+ version, from the middle undercuts, missing out the first 2 moves of the 8B version. In an ideal world this is where I would have made a better decision. My skin was so thin that I couldn’t pull on the first undercut move of the 8B start because the hold was hurting too much. In light of that I should have said goodbye and driven home. But I didn’t…. Then it started raining, so I covered the holds with my jacket and luckily 5 minutes later it had passed. Surely this was a sign that I should stop, but no, I don’t believe in that stuff so I carried straight on. I don’t know why I decided to pursue an ascent of the 8A+ start when in reality that is not my true goal and it was inevitably going to trash my skin. Perhaps I had too much psyche flowing through my veins, so I had another go. Again, I fell one move from the end (well, the end for me is not technically the top, but the point after which I know beyond doubt that I won’t fall off). I think that because I was so close I allowed myself to be lured in. This was yet another mistake. I then proceeded to spend 1 hour crushing the problem, and not getting to the top. My skin was getting ridiculously worn out and after each go I could feel the throbbing pain in my tips. At this point it wasn’t psyche flowing through my veins, but pure foolishness. The hold on the lip that you jump for was not feeling good, partly due to bad conditions and partly due to my lack of skin. I was sliding down this hold whilst doing the 4 left hand moves, and consequently ended up pulling way too hard with my left hand which in the end caused a small tear (on my left pinky). Finally I couldn’t take it anymore and I quit. I was annoyed to have quit, but more annoyed with myself that I even started.

Amongst all the feelings of frustration and egginess I did find one thing to be positive about. I was climbing it all very easily. Much more easily than the other day. I wasn’t falling off due to lack or precision, or lack of body tension, or lack of technique, I was falling off due to very bad skin and bad conditions. I guess I can only try to make sure I don’t make this mistake again.

I really do miss climbing when I have to rest. I love climbing, and so 3 days of rest is like a chore (even though I have plenty to do!). But what do I have now? Probably 3 more days to recover from my now exceptionally trashed skin, plus I know what mistakes to avoid in 2 days time.