29 is the smallest multi-digit prime whose product of digits of its cube is also a cube!

Just a short entry, because rainshowers were intermittent all day so only the smallest amount of climbing was done. We went over to have a look at L’Homme Fossile which is something I’ve wanted to see/try/do for ages! We got there and it’s a fairly small little roof, with plenty of glue/cement, but it’s still cool. There aren’t many roofs like it in font, and probably not many sandstone roofs like it anywhere, since sandstone isn’t the best material for crimps in a roof! Anyway, I hadn’t taken my boots thinking it would be a bit wet, but it wasn’t and so I trekked back to the car to get them. Unfortunately, upon arrival at the car it was already raining so we gave up and drove on to Recloses.

I’d seen a video recently of Olivier Lebreton doing Narcotic Direct, 8B, and it looked very cool. Since Recloses was on our way home it was worth a bash. Unfortunately there was nothing to warm up on, and the holds were slightly damp, but I had a quick bash and can sum it up as a 1 move problem. It’s 3 biggish, powerfulish, but ultimately easy moves into a hard 1 move throw, then 1 tricky move, followed by a lunge to the finishing jug. I came close to the crux move, which is crazy. I’ll try to get a photo when I go back. Watch the video to see what I mean. The intermediate crimp is sharp, but I think I can try it with tape on! My skin is just such a wuss, it can’t take any level of sharpness without ripping.

More soon, I hope!